Welcome to Dojo Danville. Traditional Wing Chun Instruction.
Wednesdays at the Danville Family YMCA  |  Other times by appointment
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Welcome to Dojo Danville -- the place to train in Danville, VA, USA! We are a traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu school. Ip Man trained Chu Shong Tin, who trained Alex Wong, who trained Mike Del Campo, who trained Trevor Haines, who trains Chad and Juana Pickeral (owners of Dojo Danville). At Dojo Danville, we are excited to train our students in traditional Wing Chun -- thank you for your interest.

Chad and Juanita
Wooden Dummy
The Wednesday night class at the Danville Family YMCA is a great way to get started at Dojo!
• Beginners welcome   • No contracts   • Convenient locations
Located online and at the Danville Family YMCA